The Company Landscaping Coteaux de Gascogne (CACG) is historically a regional development company for the Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine.
Its main purpose is to contribute to the planning, equipment and economic development of both regions on behalf of local authorities and private companies. However, it also exports the expertise it has gained to other French regions as well as International.

Its mission "develop and manage water territories" has led over the years to develop in different areas of activity. Thus, today operates primarily on the fields of water, environment, and economic and territorial development.

     Water: This is the domain of Excellence CACG 50 years. In collaboration with the State and local authorities, the CACG work for the creation and maintenance of large water projects and can boast expertise extremely "sharp" in the field of quantitative and qualitative management of water resources.
     Environment: interventions CACG environmental accompany changing societal concerns and territorial actors. The shares of the CACG in this area are therefore very varied: waste treatment, sanitation, land and forests, studies and environment protection ...
     Economic and territorial development: the CACG is for regional economic development through two major axes. The first is the creation, development of business parks, and even the design of buildings that comprise it. The second falls within the food industry in order to support the various local industries and ensure their development.